Located on the lakefront of The Shoreclub Wisconsin

Phones will be active early June, for limited operations of summer 2020 

(920) 377-0339

*** UPDATE ***

Due to current situation, we have chosen to delay our usual opening.  

  • As of this moment, we are coordinating with The Shoreclub (restaurants and bars) to remain closed through Memorial Day weekend.  With an opening date the following weekend, Sat May 30.  We are planning a limited selection of options, compared to normal.  

  • Masks / face coverings are welcomed and appreciated at check in and when our employees help you load and unload your rental.   Thank You

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:       If you visit Elkhart Lake and plan anything concerning the water (swimming, renting equipment, lake or pool),  it would be wise of you to pack your families personal life jackets.   Every person on every boat, board, kayak, water bike; Must have a properly fit, 'Coast Guard Approved'  jacket.  We will still supply jackets for those who rent, but we are not be able to 'lend or rent' them out for swimming, and the time of sanitizing them are expected to effect rentals times.

  • Our Skiing / Tubing boats, as well as our large party boat, The Barefoot Lady will not be on the menu as of now.  (Until there is a Completely Safe way of sending our valued employees onboard up close and personal, with many people throughout the day)

  • As most of you know, we have always been driven by SAFETY, first and foremost.  New protocols will be Strictly enforced. (and that means: Even if it is different than yesterday!)

  • If you are with a group larger than 2 or 3 people, PLEASE call ahead or send and individual down to check in or make inquiries.  Although we are outside, the small space we use has become even smaller, due to respect for others and keeping our distance.  

  • The resort beach is NOT open to public, nor those who rent from us!!  (resort guests and owners only)  Please do not bring an excessive amount of people for your rental that will require a place to hang out while you wait for others.  The few seats we had for our guests will be cut down as well.    

  • In addition, our piers are 'NOT Open to the public' either.   If you are visiting Tiki by boat please check with one our employees, and we will help guide you to place to park.  (granted there may not be one at that time!)  Prepare:  Mooring / anchoring in the shallows outside of swim area may be only option.   

**Check Back Soon, as things are expected to change, but you already knew that!!

We will do our best to keep site updated.





$ 15 per hour

Stand up Paddle Boards

$25 :  1 hour

$40 :  2 hour

12 passenger pontoon

24' pontoon with 40 HP engine (no towing options)

$95 : per hour

$245 : 3 hour

Contact Us

(920) 377-0339

We will return for reservations in JUNE.  

Please give us a call, this is a landline phone, Do Not Text.

Watersports on Elkhart Lake

276 Victorian Village Drive, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin 53020, United States

(920) 377-0339

We are Open daily  

10 AM - 6PM

from: Sat May 30

until: Sept 7 (Labor Day)

Please Note:  


All gas powered boats are restricted on Sundays !!

from June 14 thru Sept 13, 2020